The One Where Rebecca Makes The Card Swipers Day!

While going to the dining court at Purdue, I wore my "I'm not fat. I'm just a little husky shirt." I was swiping in to eat when the sweet old man that swipes everyone in just burst out laughing. He had read my shirt while I was waiting in line. He thought it was so funny and it made his day!

- Rebecca H, Indiana
The One Where Leslie's Son Can Now Wear His Love For Bacon!

My oldest son is in his first year of college. He has the best sense of humor of anyone I have ever met. He made me laugh all the time. I really miss him a lot. So I saw your "Bacon is meat candy" shirt and I had to immediately order it for him. It is the perfect shirt for him. The boy would eat bacon 6 times a day if he could. I even made him chocolate covered bacon for his birthday. He loves the shirt! He wears it all the time!

- Leslie, Ohio

The One Where Ivan's Friends do Double-Takes!

I have several LOL moments really. Most of them happen when people see me wearing the "spooning leads to forking" shirt. Other notable shirts are the "manure happens", "that's what siri said", and the "you just ate dog" fortune cookies shirt. The best part of the fortune cookies shirt is to wear it when you're in a chinese restaurant, and getting the look from everyone in the room. It take couple seconds for most people to get the joke before they start laughing at it. The most recent LOL moment that I had was when I wore my "let's google each other" shirt in Best Buy. I was looking at some android phones, and the sales people were seriously thinking that I work for Google because of my shirt. Way to go LOLShirts!

- Ivan, Texas

The One Where Ryan's shirt is the answer at a big box retailer!

I went to my local best buy today to look a some ps3 games and as I walked by the geek squad desk I heard "that's it!". A man who was getting his computer serviced was trying to explain what happened to his laptop a saw my "blue screen of death" shirt. Both me and the Best Buy employees started laughing.

- Ryan L, New Hampshire
The One Where Dawn's Students Think She's Crazy!

I work in an elementary school with awesome third graders, some with special needs. One of my little guys loves to say “Mrs. F., you are a crazy girl!” My husband bought me the shirt, “I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested.” The entire class laughed when they realized what my shirt said and now they laugh and say “no, her mother had her tested” whenever my student calls me a crazy girl.

- Dawn F, Arizona
The One Where Angelique Talks Poop with her Patients!

I signed up for LOLShirts emails because I found the T-shirts funny, but I never really expected to buy one until I saw “I Pooped Today” with the gold star. As soon as I could stop laughing, I ordered it. The day after I got it, I wore it to work. I got a lot of LOL’s from my co-workers…and our patients. Being a nurse, one of the things we ask everyone every day is “when did you last poop?”, so this shirt had everyone LOL. Luckily I work somewhere that everyone has a sense of humor.

- Angelique L, Florida
The One Where Judy Messes with her Therapist!

I take my Mom to the Shrink every month for her depression and he is always changing her meds. I always leave with new prescriptions in my hand. I decided to wear my “I used to care, but now I take pills for that” shirt in on her last visit and he kept smiling at me during the appointment. At the end, he handed me her new scrips and chuckled and said “cute, real cute”!!!

- Judi J, Florida

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